Our Mission


Your corporate image is crucial for your business. Regardless of your reputation or that of the coach or trainer affiliated with your facilities, it's at the very first glance, within the first few minutes, that a potential Customer will chose if he can entrust you with his most precious possession……. 

His horse.

Your stables are not filled at full capacity ?

Are your operating expenses higher than your income ?

Would you like to reduce your costs and losses and increase your profits while enhancing your image ?


If your answer is yes to any of these questions, we can help you by offering durable and easy-to-implement solutions that are tailored to your budget and best of all, profitable in just a few months.

Why use our services ?

  • To improve the corporate image of your business
  • To attract and maintain a high quality clientele
  • To increase the profitability of your facilities
  • To reduce your operating costs
  • To reduce operations-related losses (empty stalls, electricity, labour, etc.)
  • To reduce risks and eliminate hazards (claims, high insurance costs, etc.)
  • To improve the well-being of the horses under your care
  • To improve the well-being of your clientele
  • To stand out from the competition
  • To increase your profits

Let the beauty of  Equestrian art be reflected in your corporate image,

 regardless of your discipline.

**Our services are offered throughout Quebec and Ontario, as well as other provinces and the U.S. (certain conditions apply)

Services Tailored To Your Needs

Solutions tailored to your budget to create exceptional and attractive interior and exterior designs

Durable and easy to set up solutions, often at a lower cost. We also prefer more ecological solutions (''green'')

Use and maximization of existing infrastructures in order to lower costs

Improvement of business process used on a daily basis

Revamping of certain workstations (feed room, tack room, etc)

Basic advice and specialized advice (marketing, management, etc.)

Estimating costs for larger projects and finding the best suppliers at the best prices 

Supervision, participation and quality control for all development work

Event planning and decor (shows, clinics, parties, etc.)

Risk assessment (accident, fire, etc.)

Training on fire prevention and evacuation measures (on-site group training) 


At the heart of our mission, we strive to deliver a superior customer experience that is driven by our commitment to excellence. Providing customers with tried and tested products and solutions, outstanding workmanship and most importantly, listening to the needs and goals of our customers is what sets us apart from our competitors. 

We supervise and actively participate in each phase, often doing the work ourselves to make sure your goals will be reached in a timely manner. 

Our Mission Is Simple: Customer Satisfaction

Every customer has a vision about how they want their stable to look. We are committed to working with you and offering our expertise so that you can achieve your vision in the most cost-efficient and functional way. We work with every budget, big or small.

Sometimes, just a bit of paint, the revamping of a utility room, or a floral touch can make a world of difference in setting you apart from the competition. Let our vision show you the way...

About Us

Linda Piché


Linda got introduced to the Equestrian world at a very young age, in St-Bruno de Montarville, Quebec.  

Her profesional commitments led her to travel the world, giving her the opportunity to observe and learn from the best stable management practices and designs used in Canada, Europe, Saudi Arabia and Asia.  

Now a consultant in the horse industry, she firmly believes that a stable’s reputation, successes and profits rest firmly on the image it projects to its clientele, no matter how big or small the installations might be.     

Mag Kassis


With a proven track record

 in bringing a wide variety of businesses to soaring success across the world, Mag uses innovative ways to challenge the horse industry in all its aspects. 

His vision of the Equestrian world brings transformational and managerial changes that can transform any Equestrian business into a successful venture.

Being a dynamic leader who can pinpoint what needs to get done and motivate your teams to reach the expected goals, Mag isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and get the job done.



This team gets the job done, but not only do they get the job done, they exceed your expectations and always give you more than what you paid for.



I have seen what Linda can do, up close and personal, when she came to L.A. Wow ! This girl knows how to rock the horse world. I referred her to a friend of mine, not thinking much. Under a week, she turned his business around with very low-cost and simple solutions and since then, he's got a waiting list for his stalls. Everyone just wants to have their horses boarded there because it looks so high class ! That never happened before ! Thanks Linda for your outstanding work and in saving what seemed a lost cause!

Nikki Sixx - (213) 545-0746

Simple solutions (paint, mending, flowers, a change in colors) that brought in more than I invested. I was worried at first because I didn't have a big budget like big stables do and had a bunch of empty stalls that most definitely didn't rake in the much needed dollars…. But within a week after the changes, no more empty stalls, a waiting list, and my clients think we look like a top notch facility ! Oh, and did I mention all stayed well under my very weak budget and I still got fantastic results ? Thank you so much for everything !

Mélanie - (514) 613-6964

We also offer...

Marketing services - Soar to new heights



We will teach you how to effectively market and promote your equine business, service, or event and how to develop an amazing and outlasting image for your business. With innovative and creative ways, we will help you create effective marketing material (business cards, brochures, flyers, web site, and more) and we will also help you promote your services on social media and far beyond. Creativity and innovation are key in standing out from your competitors and making profits.

Inventory services for your Equestrian business


Do you know the total value of what is in your facilities?  Or are you paying too much for your insurance ?

90% of the owners of equestrian centres, stables and ranches don't have an accurate inventory of all their goods and of the horses under their care. Unfortunately, it's often after a fire, water damage or theft that the insured realizes that they had underestimated the value of their property and goods and how difficult it is, in a stressful situation like a disaster, to draw up a precise list destroyed or stolen assets.

We can help !  We offer a complete detailed inventory record with photos. All inventories are computerized and custom built  to the reality of your company and include an asset value calculator. A complete folder is delivered to you in PDF format as well as on a storage device (USB or CD), which allows you to change your information at any time, depending on the evolution of your company. 

The time and efforts you devote to your equestrian business are precious... Don't wait any longer and get the peace of mind you deserve!

Management Services - Staying Grounded for success



If you are serious about wanting to manage your horse business, avoid losing track of services provided and thrown-away profits, and step away from hand-written recordkeeping which has little to no value, with today’s technology, we can create a complete computer management file tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s customizing a schedule for all aspects of your barn or using a designated software to help you manage it all, we can help you out. End the paper trail and stay on top of records, appointments, competitions, billing, and more.

Did you know ?


Our services are also tailored for Livestock businesses as well as Canine & Feline businesses (breeding, boarding, farming, etc)


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